JVF Phase 1: Building public awareness of the great value of the region’ s cultural heritage

Jaipur Heritage International Festival (JHIF) 2002 – 2011 mobilized the region's creative and performing artists, design professionals and craftspeople, and tuned Jaipur to its region’s traditional assets, imbuing a sense of creative pride and unique cultural identity in the citizens of Jaipur. The festival was possibly a first of its kind to receive endorsement from UNESCO as a people's platform for creativity and sustainable development.

JHIF programming combined seven specific focus areas:

Virasat (heritage) Andolan (movement): for community participation, awareness & advocacy And the JVF alphabet.

Arts: to conserve regional traditional arts
Buildings: to conserve the historic built environment
Crafts: to conserve traditional skills
Development: to evolve Best Practices to generate and support sustainable cultural and creative industries
Education: to engage young people in the vision
Festival: to showcase the vision, demonstrate its economic potential, and drive it forward year by year

JVF delivered JHIF until 2011, when it presented a comprehensive statewide Vikas & Virasat vision plan to the Government of Rajasthan.