RAJASTHAN x PERU, the second part of the collaboration between Peruvian Musicians and Rajasthani Folk Artists was hosted in the form of 3 events in New Delhi in association with the Embassy of Peru. The first event was at the Kamani Auditorium, followed by a second event at the Le Meridien and the third event at ICMEI - Asian Academy of Film & Television. The shows were enjoyed by a combined gathering of 700+ people on all three days. Performances showcasing Peruvian and Rajasthani traditions in their pure form were premiered.

The performances in Delhi arose from the 2-day collaboration hosted by RRAP in March 2019 where all the musicians worked together to develop an innovative project marrying Rajasthani and Peruvian melodies, rhythms and textures, elevating the project initiated by music producer Tomas Diaz Limaco. The musicians for the project are Chano Diaz Limaco, Gazi Khan Barna, Kito Linares, Talab Khan Barna, Firoze Khan Manganiyar, Bhawru Khan Langa, Harun Khan Langa & Tomas Diaz Limaco. 

JULY 2019


The first Amarrass Nights in Jaipur took place on 5 July 2019 at RRAP Music Museum & Hub, Jaipur. The evening showcased a curated mix of eclectic music with uptempo traditional folk, organic techno, dubstep and minimal. The featured artists included Jumme Khan & Band, Barmer Boys & Ravana. An audience of 150 people of all ages attended the event and enjoyed the performance. Established in 2012, 'Amarrass Nights' is a culturally significant series of monthly performances that have featured world-class music artists from India and abroad. Amarrass Nights was established as a platform to curate up-and-coming folk and traditional artists, living legends, and introduce new collaborations and artist exchanges (domestic and international).

JULY 2019


A one of a kind 5 day ‘Music Residency with Rajasthani Folk Musicians’ started on 29h May 2019 at RRAP Music Museum and Hub. The residency was organised by Rajasthan Rural Arts Programme an initiative of Jaipur Virasat Foundation in collaboration with One World College of Music, Gurgaon. The participants engaged with Rajasthan's music, artistes, instruments, and their stories. It included master classes, Field Visit, Film Screenings, Jamming Session, Recording Day at RRAP Studio, Talks, Rajasthani Music Playlist curated & provided by RRAP & Open session-cum-performance day. A showcase followed by open jam as part of the music residency was organised in which participants performed with folk musicians, Latif Khan Hamira (Dholak & Vocals) and Sawai Khan Manganiyar (Vocals, Khartal, Morchang & Bhapang).  

MAY - JUNE 2019


Special in-museum Performance

An exploration into the possibilities of the integration of folk melodies, rhythms and instruments in electronic composition and live performance.

Latif Khan Hamira (Dholak, vocals) and Sawai Khan Manganiyar (Vocals, Bhapang, Morchang, Harmonium, Khartal) join Jaipur production duo Prologue and Scotland-based producer Leema Ko in an experimental live showcase intended to inspire future development of respectful sampling and collaboration with Rajasthani folk in modern works.

APRIL 2019


A special performance showcasing Rajasthani folk musicians performing exclusive songs that were part of a special collaboration with Mumford & Sons and Laura Marling.

Dharohar Project brought together eight Rajasthani folk musicians from different regional communities of Rajasthan - Daya Ram, Dilip Bhatt, Dilawar Khan, Jumma Khan Mewati, Kutla Khan, Rais Khan Manganiyar, Sardar Khan Langa, and Sumitra Kamad. This collective collaborated with incredibly successful international artists Mumford & Sons and Laura Marling; composing, recording and performing in a whirlwind journey that took our Rajasthani sounds to a huge new audience.

APRIL 2019


Haunting sounds from the Andes and Rajasthan

RAJASTHAN x PERU,  a special performance by world-class musicians blending Peruvian and Rajasthani folk music supported by Rajasthan Rural Arts Programme, an initiative of Jaipur Virasat Foundation, was enjoyed by a gathering of 300+ people of all ages.

Performances showcasing Peruvian and Rajasthani traditions in their pure form were premiered. The music pieces arose from a 2-day workshop hosted by RRAP where all the musicians worked together to develop an innovative project marrying Rajasthani and Peruvian melodies, rhythms and textures, elevating the project initiated by music producer Tomas Diaz during the first RAJASTHANxPERU concert in September of last year.  

We were delighted to welcome internationally-acclaimed folk musician and award-winning film musical director Chano Diaz Limaco. He is a multi-instrumentalist specializing in beautiful Andean instruments Charango, Quena and Zampoña/Panpipes to name a few, coming from a long tradition of musicians from Ayacucho. He has taken the Andean traditions all around the globe in solo performances, and this was his very first concert in India. He was joined by a gifted group of renowned Rajasthani folk musicians led by Gazi Khan Barna. He features heavily in RRAP Music Museum & Hub, showcasing his master Khartal skills and sharing deep wisdom through interviews. He featured as a musician in the film Latcho Drom, and sang 'Baisa Ladka Ghana', for award-winning film Parched (Leena Yadav, 2015) He has performed internationally taking our Rajasthani sounds with him. Completing the group were Talab Khan Barna on Vocals, Firoz Khan Manganiyar on Dholak, Bhawru Khan Langa on Sindhi Sarangi and Harun Khan Langa on Algoza and Tomas Diaz Limaco on guitar and Mamta Sapera on Khartal.

MARCH 2019

Celebrating Women in Folk

An event that showcased incredible female talent from Rajasthan

We invited Sumitra Kamad, an internationally-acclaimed folk singer and songwriter from the village of Jaitaran (Pali). Sumitra has long been a folk emblem and an inspiration for many followers of Rajasthan’s living traditions, having performed in festivals nationally as well as around the world. She was notably an integral part of the “Dharohar Project” where she collaborated with renowned global artists Laura Marling and Mumford & Sons. A symbol for the future of women in Rajasthani folk, we were delighted to welcome her to the RRAP Music Museum & Hub for this very special day.

Joining her was Mamta Sapera, a young percussionist from a Kalbelia family, who showcased her rhythmic skills alongside a folk musician who provided base beats on the dholak. Having opted to refrain from the customary dance training of her community in favour of bhapang, morchang and khartal, we witnessed her rising talent in what we saw as a perfect example of female musical conviction. Maina Devi, a singer and percussionist from the Dholi community, and Priya Sharma, an architecture student and up and coming singer based in Jaipur completed the greatly varied line-up. We also hosted 2 women led pop-up cafes to cater to the event.

We used the event as a statement of intent, as all donations raised from the event and from our newly live online fundraising campaign will to go toward future workshops and performances which will look to empower the women of the folk music community in Rajasthan.

MARCH 2019


A showcase of Holi songs of rural Rajasthan by Nek Mohammad Langa and group

We hosted an evening of celebrations with Holi songs of rural Rajasthan with Nek Mohammad Langa on vocal and harmonium along with his group members: Kasam Khan, Aayub Langa and Sakur Khan from Badnava Charnan. They peppered their usual repertoire with songs traditionally performed during Holi demonstrating the tendency of much of folk music to be associated with particular celebrations. We also hosted a pop-up cafe during the event.

MARCH 2019

Malangs & the Masters

An exploration of Rajasthan’s Bhakti Tradition through Kabir and Meera by Mahesha Ram and Shabnam Virmani.

Malangs and the Masters spanned over two days with a focus on specially curated set of workshops, performances, guided tours and retail experience. The event activities included:

  • RRAP Music Museum Guided Tour by ethnomusicologist Dr. Shalini Ayyagari

  • Discovering Meera: A Meera Bhajan workshop by the famous folk artist Mahesha Ram  

  • Charpai Workshop: An Illustrated demonstration workshop of the most used furniture item in rural India by traditional artisans from Bikaner and Ayush Kasliwal of AKFD

  • Bahuri Akela: Shabnam Virmani elucidated Kabir and his relationship with solitude through songs and conversations

  • Magan Meera: An intimate and accessible rendition of Meera by Mahesha Ram (w/ interactive interpretations by Padma Shri awardee CP Deval)  

  • KATLA by AnanTaya: A unique retail experience that offered a wide selection of lifestyle, fashion and accessories handpicked from all across the country


Music around the world

A showcase of Children’s Music Workshops
Led by Sally Jaquet

Over the months of October and November the RRAP Music Museum & Hub hosted fun music making sessions for the children of Jaipur. The workshops were led by Sally Jaquet, a community musician from Scotland. The aim of the workshops were to introduce the participants to folk music from all around the world - to engage them with different communities and to highlight the importance of their own musical heritage in Rajasthan. They learnt songs, dances, and cultural practices from different countries including Brazil, Nigeria, Australia, Scotland, Fiji, Zimbabwe and many more. The workshops concluded with a final performance ‘Music around the world’. The children received a specially designed CD of the songs they learned during the workshop, which was produced after they participated in sessions in our studio.


Momasar Ensemble

Produced by RRAP & Jason Singh

Jason Singh and the folk group ‘Momasar Ensemble’ and saxophonist Feroze Khan collaborated over an 8-day long project where the participants developed an innovative performance which culminated in a 90 minute show inspired by Shah Latif, Baba Farid, Bulleh Shah and other poet mystics from North and Western India. We saw it as music for today encapsulating soundscapes and field recordings, and it created an immersive, sonic experience for the audience.

This project is ongoing and we will look to produce future performances and recordings.



Where folk musicians, local musicians, and citizens gather in an open jam format and celebrate the power of music to dissolve boundaries and create new music.
The first jam was conducted by Sitarist and World Musician Pt. Krishna Mohan Bhatt in collaboration with members from Kawa Brass Band, Ladu Ram ji and group from the shekhawati region from Rajasthan.

JULY 2018

The second Jam explored Rajasthani sonic textures through a Peruvian lens and the ever growing presence of electronic music in traditional music. It showcased the Momasar Quintet: Bhungar Khan Manganiyar, Nehru Khan Manganiyar, Bhutta Khan Manganiyar, Majoor Khan Manganiyar and Latif Khan Manganiyar and Indie electronic artists: Lakshya Sharma and Mohak Arya from Prologue Sounds. The Jam was conducted by Music producer Tomas Diaz Limaco.



A monthly series of  interpretations, evening talks and conversations around the region’s musicians, styles and genres, and their roots and traditional context.



A 10 day camp for kids and adults to learn music, theatre, painting and singing from the artists.

A summer camp was organised from 16-25 May, 2018 at the RRAP Hub in Jaipur. The RRAP Summer Camp adopted an innovative approach to expose the folk music traditions of Rajasthan to a diverse urban audience. Aligned with the vision of RRAP, this was our attempt at re-visualizing the traditional practitioners as teachers and the urban youth as the next generation of learners- future keepers of these traditions, as also the audiences of tomorrow. Learning from the masters of varied forms, children and adults explored Percussion and Rhythm through Khartal with Gazi Khan Manganiyar, Bhapang and poetry with Jumma Khan Mewati, folk songs and lyrics with Anwar Khan Manganiyar, as well as folk narratives through Phad painting with Vijay Joshi and theatre with Neeraj Kadela.

MAY 2018

Dr. Rima Hooja introducing RRAP Summer Camp